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You are under no obligation to respond to the copyright infringement notice. However, you may contact the copyright holder directly at the email and/or telephone number listed in the copyright notice we forwarded to you. Note, Flash Services forwarded the copyright notice to you because the IP address listed in the copyright notice was in use by your modem/router on the date/time specified in the complaint. We are required by law to forward you the notice. We have not shared your name or any other information about you with the copyright holder or any other organization.
We bill one month in advance to ensure services are prepaid prior to usage. In addition, on the first invoice, there will also be a pro-rated portion for service(s) that have activated prior to bill cycle assignment (which should only be for a few days).  Therefore, your first invoice will be higher than subsequent invoices.  After your first invoice, you can expect your Flash Home Phone Service to be approximately the same amount each month.
For accounts set up with a recurring payment via a credit/debit card, there are no fees for declined transactions. However, declined transactions processed through a checking account (due to insufficient funds) will incur a $20 charge. There may be additional fees charged by your financial institution.  Late payment fees are also applicable and will be added to your past due charges.

Payment for your Flash Home Phone is withdrawn on the same date each month (known as your bill cycle date).  Flash will send you an Invoice Notification email for a successful or unsuccessful payment.  If payment fails, you should remit payment as soon as possible.  If not made by the 7th day, after initial payment failure notification, service will be suspended.  In the event your service is suspended, payment in full is required.  If your account remains unpaid, further collection activity will continue and your phone number will be subject to permanent disconnection.  If disconnection occurs, Flash will not be able to reactivate your phone number.

You may log in to My Account, at anytime, to process a payment.

Flash Home Phone requires a pre-authorized payment withdrawal from a checking account or with a credit/debit card.  However, should you wish to make changes to your payment method, simply login to My Account and follow the steps below:

  1. Select My Payment Methods.
  2. Choose to enter a New Credit Card or enter your Bank Account Information.
  3. Select Continue.

Flash Services accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express

Flash Home Phone requires a pre-authorized payment, through bank or credit/debit card withdrawal, on the same date each month.  You will be sent an email that confirms the payment amount withdrawn and advises you that your invoice is available to view online via My Account.  Simply log into My Account to view your usage, download a PDF copy of your invoice(s) and view payment history.