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  • Features & Settings              

      With Flash Voice Mail, you may access your voice mail from home, away from home, or online!  

      From Home:  Simply call your Flash Home Phone telephone number and enter your 4-digit passcode (initially set to 1234).  Follow the prompts to listen to messages, save or delete messages or change your preferences.  

      Away from Home:  Call your Flash Home Phone telephone number.  Wait until you hear your voice mail greeting and immediately press * to interrupt.  Follow the prompts to listen to your messages.  

      From My Account:  You may log into your online account management portal (My Account) to listen to your voice mails from your computer or mobile phone.

      1. Once you have successfully entered your username and password, select My Voicemails (left menu).
      2. Select Voice Mail from the Message Type drop-down menu (top right).
      3. Your voice mails will appear.  Simply select the specific voice mail to listen. 

      Resetting your Voice Mail Passcode:

      1. Log in to My Account.
      2. Select My Services (left menu).
      3. Select My Features.
      4. Check the Reset Your Voice Mail Password section of the page, and check the Reset Voice Mail Password box.
      5. Click the 'Save All' button (bottom right) to make the change.
      6. Your voice mail passcode is now reset to the default of 1234
      7. You can dial into your voice mail to make changes to your personal settings and reset your passcode to something other than 1234.  

      There are many other options for you Flash Voice Mail found within My Account. 

      Changing Number of Rings until Voice Mail Picks Up:
      Dial *610. An automated system will request you to dial the number of rings you would like using the key pad. Your voice mail can be adjusted up to 20 rings before the call is sent to voice mail.

      Virtual Phone Number

      A Virtual Phone Number acts as a secondary phone number for inbound calls to your Flash Home Service number. The Virtual Phone Number can be selected anywhere in Canada and enables you to have local presence (and phone number) anywhere...allowing friends and family (in your chosen area) to call you "locally."

      1. Login to My Account.
      2. Select My Services.
      3. Select Service Add-Ons, then choose Add Virtual Phone Number.
      4. Select the StateArea Code, and City from where you would like the Virtual Phone Number located, and then click Buy Virtual Phone Number.

      Save time with Voice Connect - when you dial your own phone number from your phone number, your voicemail system recognizes you and takes you directly to the voicemail prompts, bypassing the greeting.

      With Voice Connect, you can set another number to use to access your voicemail messages directly and bypass the greeting.

      1. Login to My Account 
      2. Select My Services (left menu).
      3. Select My Features.
      4. Under the Voice Connect section of the page, enter the phone number or numbers you would like to authorize to access your voice mailbox directly.
      5. Click the Save All (bottom right of the page) to save your changes.  Your voice mailbox can now be accessed directly from the number or numbers you have listed on the page.

      When you are on the phone, you will hear a series of beeps indicating an incoming call. To accept the incoming call, and put the original call party on hold, press your phone's Flash button briefly (1-2 seconds) or briefly hold down the "hang up" button on your phone. Switch back to the original party by briefly pressing your phone Flash button or "hang up" button again.

      Caller ID allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you. For phones that have a built-in Caller ID screen, when a call comes in, you'll hear the phone ring and see the screen display the caller ID information of the caller (if not blocked by the caller). 

      May not be available in all areas.

      Basic Call Forwarding allows you to forward inbound calls to only one telephone number when your phone is busy, when there is no answer, or all the time. Advanced Call Forwarding allows you to forward calls to multiple phone numbers. Call forwarding to multiple telephone numbers can happen in two different ways: Priority-Based or Call Blast calling.

      Three Types of Call Forwarding:

      • Call Forwarding Always (*72 to activate, *73 to deactivate)
      • Call Forwarding Busy (*90 to activate, *91 to deactivate)
      • Call Forwarding No Answer (*92 to activate, *93 to deactivate)

      To activate Call Forwarding

      1. Press the appropriate star (*) code.
      2. Enter the number to which your calls should be forwarded, either within your local calling area or to a long distance number, then press # key.

      Note: Any applicable long distance charges on calls forwarded to a long distance number are billed to the Call Forwarding subscriber, not the caller.  When you hang up, calls will be automatically forwarded until you deactivate the service.

      To deactivate Call Forwarding

      1. Press the appropriate star (*) code and listen for the automated message indicating the Call Forwarding was deactivated.
      2. Hang up.
      Note: International Call Forwarding is not supported.

      Advanced Call Forwarding options are available within My Account.

      Call Blasting allows you to set your incoming calls to ring multiple numbers simultaneously, so you can be reached by your caller as fast as possible - without going through a series of different numbers in a sequence. If no phones are answered while Call Blasting is activated, the call will be sent to your voice mail. 

      Call Blasting options are available within My Account.  

      If your phone does not have a redial button, press *66 to call the last number you dialed. To dial back the last person who called you, simply pick up your phone and dial *69. Your Flash Home Phone Service will dial back the number of your last incoming call.

      3-Way Audio Calling allows you to have a conversation with two different callers at one time. 

      1. While on a call with the first party, press the flash button on your phone to put your first party on hold. 
      2. You will then receive a dial tone at which time you may dial the second party. 
      3. After the second party answers, depress the flash button on your phone again and all three parties will be joined on the call.

      Dial the people you call most with just a push of a button! To program a phone number as part of a speed dial list, enter the star code for Speed Dial 8 (*74), followed by the one-digit number (choose from 2-9) you want to assign as one of your eight speed dial choices, followed by the telephone number you want to associate with that speed dial, followed by the # key on your phone.

      For example, to assign speed dial code 2 with the number 704-555-1212, dial *74 27045551212 and then press the # key. A message announces the success of the operation. When you want to call the person, simply dial the single digit instead of the entire phone number.

  • Plans & Services                    

      Yes! Flash Home Phone Service routes your incoming and outgoing voice right alongside the data being sent to or from your computer. Therefore, you can use your high-speed Internet connection for more than just web surfing. You can place and receive calls while you use your computer to access the Internet, as well as when your computer is off or not connected to the Internet. Flash uses advanced audio compression techniques to minimize the data traffic caused by calls and maximizes the bandwidth available for your other Internet traffic.

      Click to download the rates by country for each Home Phone plan we offer:

      NA Plan
      EN | FR

      World Plan
      EN | FR

      World Plan Plus
      EN | FR

      Visit for complete details on all the great local and international plans Flash Home Phone has to offer!

      In most instances, Flash is able to transfer your existing telephone number. When you switch to Flash Home Phone Service, simply select the option ‘I want to transfer my existing phone number.’ You will be notified if your telephone number can be transferred.  If not, Flash can provide you with a new telephone number, if desired.  

      During the transfer process, Flash will automatically assign you a temporary phone number, so you can begin to use your phone service right away! You can choose to keep your temporary phone number as a secondary line, convert it to a virtual number or disconnect the number once the transfer is complete.

      Transfers may take up to 10 business days from the time you enter your request. The transfer cannot be stopped once process has started. Please note that if you have ordered Flash Home Phone Service bundled with Flash Internet, you should receive your Phone Adapter two days prior to the Internet installation date.

      A telephone number may be transferred to another carrier that provides traditional or digital phone service.  (The receiving provider would be responsible to initiate the request.) 

      In order to successfully transfer your existing telephone number, your Flash Home Phone Service must be active.  Once Flash receives the transfer request directly from your new phone provider, Flash will automatically disconnect your service and apply any applicable disconnect fees.  This includes what is referred to as a "Port-Out Fee."  The fee may vary.  Consult Customer Care for details.

      Yes!  Moving your phone service with Flash is easy.  Simply follow the instructions below:

      1. Log in to My Account.
      2. Select Move my service(s).
      3. Select your Move Date.
      4. Enter your new address information.
      5. Complete the remaining steps and select Next.
      6. Submit your request.

      Email communications will be sent to provide the status and completion of updating your 911 address.

      Your Flash Phone Adapter requires Internet and power; therefore, you can simply plug it in at your new address (if you have an active Internet connection and power).  

      Updating your service address associated with your Flash Home Phone number is important to ensure your 911 address remains current.  If you move and do not update your service address, your 911 location will be associated with your old address.  This will make your location inaccurate in the event of an emergency when you dial 911.  (You will be able to update your address, but not your phone number.)

      Once your service is active with Flash, you have the option to log in to My Account to order a second line for an additional phone number within your home.  Simply follow the instructions below:

      1. Log in to My Account with your username and password.
      2. Select My Services (left menu).
      3. Select Service Add-Ons.
      4. From below the title Order New Service options, select either Order a New Service with a New Phone Number (Flash will provide you with a new phone number for your second line) or select Order New Service and Transfer Your Existing Home Phone Number (Flash will determine if your phone number can be transferred).
      5. Once either a new telephone number area is selected, or you enter your existing home phone number, you will be prompted to choose a new telephone adapter to accommodate your second line (that is if your original phone adapter only has a single phone port.)
      6. Follow the instructions to complete your request to add the second line.
      7. You will be advised that an email will be sent to provide you with activation instructions. 
  • Troubleshooting & Support

      Your Flash Phone Adapter is configured for most residential network environments.  However, routers and firewalls may affect the device's ability to access the Internet.  Without Internet and power, the Flash Phone Adapter will not operate to place and receive calls.  

      Here are a few simple steps to ensure your Flash Phone Adapter is installed correctly:

      1. Follow the installation guide for your Phone Adapter. (Locate the Quick Installation Guide for your model Phone Adapter.)
      2. Ensure your Phone Adapter is connected to your router through a wired Ethernet connection.  (There is no wireless option for your adapter.)
      3. Confirm the AC adapter for your Phone Adapter is connected to a power outlet.
      4. Once connected properly, wait 5-10 minutes for the initial registration to take place (if this is your first time connecting your Phone Adapter).
      5. Confirm the phone line LED is lit solid green.
      6. Connect to your home phone and listen for dial tone.
      7. Check your Internet speed.  We recommend  While the Flash Phone Adapter requires little upload speed (128k), bandwidth issues may impact your adapter.  Be sure you have an optimal Internet connection and speed.  

      If you are still not able to place and/or receive calls, please contact your Flash Support team.  

      What are the requirements for Flash Home Phone Service with Phone Adapter?

      Flash Home Phone Service with Phone Adapter requires the following:

      1. A wired high-speed Internet connection with a minimum available download and upload speed of 128 kbps.
      2. A router to enable connection to the Internet.
      3. A connection to a power source.
      4. A cordless or corded telephone (to place/receive calls).
       That's it!  Now you can place and receive calls just like traditional phone service, but now through your Internet!

      Flash Home Phone Service with Phone Adapter requires the following:

      1. A wired high-speed Internet connection with a minimum available download and upload speed of 128 kbps.
      2. A router to enable connection to the Internet.
      3. A connection to a power source.
      4. A cordless or corded telephone (to place/receive calls).
       That's it!  Now you can place and receive calls just like traditional phone service, but now through your Internet!

      Faxing was originally developed to work over the traditional wired telephone network. While Flash has upgraded its VoIP network to enable faxing, faxes may not always complete due to a number of reasons.  Some of these reasons include fax machine settings and the quality of the network connection. For these reasons, fax is available as a “best effort service.” 

      If you are not able to send or receive a fax, please follow the following simple instructions:

      1. Verify your Internet service is working by confirming connection to a website like Google (ideally you should have a direct wired connection to your modem or router).
      2. Make sure the Phone Adapter is installed correctly and that you are able to place and receive calls.  (See the installation guide for your model Phone Adapter.)
      3. Refer to your fax machine user manual, if needed, to disable ECM mode and set the transmission speed to a 9600 baud rate.
      4. Once those changes have been made, connect the fax machine to your Phone Adapter and retry the failed fax with the new settings.
      5. If you are still unable to place/receive faxes, contact Technical Support for some assistance.

      If your alarm system requires connection to a traditional (wired) telephone line, then your Flash Home Phone would not accommodate your alarm system.  However, many alarm system companies have digital phone line options.  Please consult your alarm system provider. 

      Flash recommends connecting a cordless phone system to your phone adapter to enable your phone service throughout your home. You can then place additional cordless handsets throughout your house without making any wiring changes. For most Flash Home Phone customers, this is the preferred solution.

      If you are comfortable with making wiring changes yourself, you may refer to the VoIP Wiring Guide for additional instructions.  However, Flash does not support setup or provide technical assistance in the event your Flash Home Phone does not work once you have completed wiring of your Phone Adapter through your phone jacks. Modifications to your home wiring are done at your sole discretion.

      The Flash Phone Adapter requires a wired Ethernet connection to your router.  Wi-Fi connectivity is not an option.  

      The National Do Not Call List (DNCL) gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. The National DNCL Rules introduce new responsibilities for Canada’s telemarketers. 

      Call 1-866-580-DNCL(3625) or visit

      • Enter the residential, wireless, fax or VoIP telephone number you wish to register in the space below. You can repeat this process for all of your telephone numbers.
      • Check for errors.
      • Click Continue.