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Yes! Flash Home Phone Service routes your incoming and outgoing voice right alongside the data being sent to or from your computer. Therefore, you can use your high-speed Internet connection for more than just web surfing. You can place and receive calls while you use your computer to access the Internet, as well as when your computer is off or not connected to the Internet. Flash uses advanced audio compression techniques to minimize the data traffic caused by calls and maximizes the bandwidth available for your other Internet traffic.

Click to download the rates by country for each Home Phone plan we offer:

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Visit for complete details on all the great local and international plans Flash Home Phone has to offer!

In most instances, Flash is able to transfer your existing telephone number. When you switch to Flash Home Phone Service, simply select the option ‘I want to transfer my existing phone number.’ You will be notified if your telephone number can be transferred.  If not, Flash can provide you with a new telephone number, if desired.  

During the transfer process, Flash will automatically assign you a temporary phone number, so you can begin to use your phone service right away! You can choose to keep your temporary phone number as a secondary line, convert it to a virtual number or disconnect the number once the transfer is complete.

Transfers may take up to 10 business days from the time you enter your request. The transfer cannot be stopped once process has started. Please note that if you have ordered Flash Home Phone Service bundled with Flash Internet, you should receive your Phone Adapter two days prior to the Internet installation date.

A telephone number may be transferred to another carrier that provides traditional or digital phone service.  (The receiving provider would be responsible to initiate the request.) 

In order to successfully transfer your existing telephone number, your Flash Home Phone Service must be active.  Once Flash receives the transfer request directly from your new phone provider, Flash will automatically disconnect your service and apply any applicable disconnect fees.  This includes what is referred to as a "Port-Out Fee."  The fee may vary.  Consult Customer Care for details.

Yes!  Moving your phone service with Flash is easy.  Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Select Move my service(s).
  3. Select your Move Date.
  4. Enter your new address information.
  5. Complete the remaining steps and select Next.
  6. Submit your request.

Email communications will be sent to provide the status and completion of updating your 911 address.

Your Flash Phone Adapter requires Internet and power; therefore, you can simply plug it in at your new address (if you have an active Internet connection and power).  

Updating your service address associated with your Flash Home Phone number is important to ensure your 911 address remains current.  If you move and do not update your service address, your 911 location will be associated with your old address.  This will make your location inaccurate in the event of an emergency when you dial 911.  (You will be able to update your address, but not your phone number.)

Once your service is active with Flash, you have the option to log in to My Account to order a second line for an additional phone number within your home.  Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to My Account with your username and password.
  2. Select My Services (left menu).
  3. Select Service Add-Ons.
  4. From below the title Order New Service options, select either Order a New Service with a New Phone Number (Flash will provide you with a new phone number for your second line) or select Order New Service and Transfer Your Existing Home Phone Number (Flash will determine if your phone number can be transferred).
  5. Once either a new telephone number area is selected, or you enter your existing home phone number, you will be prompted to choose a new telephone adapter to accommodate your second line (that is if your original phone adapter only has a single phone port.)
  6. Follow the instructions to complete your request to add the second line.
  7. You will be advised that an email will be sent to provide you with activation instructions. 
We bill one month in advance to ensure services are prepaid prior to usage. In addition, on the first invoice, there will also be a pro-rated portion for service(s) that have activated prior to bill cycle assignment (which should only be for a few days).  Therefore, your first invoice will be higher than subsequent invoices.  After your first invoice, you can expect your Flash Internet Service to be approximately the same amount each month.

Payment for your Flash Internet account is withdrawn on the same date each month (known as your bill cycle date).  Flash will send you an Invoice Notification email for a successful or unsuccessful payment.  If payment fails, you should remit payment as soon as possible.  If not made by the 7th day, after initial payment failure notification, service may be suspended. 

You may log in to My Account, at anytime, to process a payment.

For accounts set up with a recurring payment via a credit/debit card, there are no fees for declined transactions. However, declined transactions processed through a checking account (due to insufficient funds) will incur a $20 charge. There may be additional fees charged by your financial institution.  Late payment fees are also applicable and will be added to your past due charges.
Flash Internet Service requires a pre-authorized payment, through bank or credit/debit card withdrawal, on the same date each month.  You will be sent an email that confirms the payment amount withdrawn and advises you that your invoice is available to view online via My Account.  Simply log into My Account to view your usage, download a PDF copy of your invoice(s) and view payment history. 

Flash Internet Service requires a pre-authorized payment withdrawal from a checking account or with a credit/debit card.  However, should you wish to make changes to your payment method, simply log into My Account and follow the steps below:

  1. Select My Payment Methods.
  2. Choose to enter a New Credit Card or enter your Bank Account Information. 
  3. Select Continue.

Flash Services accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express

Late payment fees are applicable and will be added to any past due charges.