Accessibility Feedback

All Communications Network of Canada Co. dba Flash Services is committed to ensuring our services are accessible for everyone. We welcome questions or feedback about any issues involving accessibility, including how we can remove any barriers to the accessibility of our products, services, website and points of sale. Please share your questions, comments and feedback using any of the methods below:

Your feedback will be received, reviewed, and addressed by Flash Services' Manager of Product Operations, Rena Buch, and incorporated into our accessibility plan, which is currently in development, in accordance with the Accessible Canada Act.

Feedback can be submitted anonymously, however, if you would like us to follow up with you, please provide your contact information, which will be kept confidential, and treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

If you require a description of our accessibility feedback process in another format, please let us know. We will provide you with a print, large print, or adaptive electronic format version within 20 days, and a braille or audio version within 45 days of your request.